1. The journey of the Christmas tree

    Posted on November 21, 2017 by Andrew

    Christmas is fast approaching — this means decorating, gift buying and choosing the perfect tree. But have you ever stopped to think where your tree has been before it sits amongst the others, awaiting its Christmas fate? Together with Compost Direct, gardening experts and retailers of compost, we look at where Christmas trees originate from and compare real and artificial trees. Read more…

  2. The Benefits of Foil Based Insulation

    Posted on November 17, 2017 by Andrew

    Construction insulation can take many forms but you will notice that some types are more prevalent than others. Foil is a material that is often used to enhance the performance of insulation, making it far more effective at its job.

    If you’re in the market for high performing building insulation, keep reading to learn how a foil based insulation could benefit you. Read more…

  3. Green Plumbing: How to Stay Eco-Friendly

    Posted on November 08, 2017 by Andrew

    Many homeowners might think that they don’t need to use any eco-friendly products to not be wasteful.  However, you’d be surprised at just how much water and energy are wasted every single day without their knowing. This is especially apparent when it comes to plumbing. Going the environmentally friendly route with your plumbing ensures that not only do you save on both water and energy, but you’re going to be saving on costs as well! Read more…


    Posted on October 30, 2017 by Andrew

    The mobile phone industry has been focussing on ethical technology finally. The efforts have been seen through the struggle by some companies to develop eco-friendly mobile phones in an efforts to build their reputation and also help solve the waste problems. The shift to the eco-friendly mobile phones is also propagated by the slow but increasing demand for environmentally friendly devices. Even though more people would want to own eco-friendly mobile phones, they do not easily find the market while some even do not know if such phones exist. For those who might be unaware, there are already established eco-friendly mobile phone and broadband providers some of which are noted here. Read more…

  5. How to Make a Papier-mâché Halloween Mask from Old Paper Bags

    Posted on October 12, 2017 by Andrew

    We love how creative you can get with paper bags, especially around the spooky Halloween season. From trick-or-treating sacks to candle lanterns to scary hand puppets, there’s plenty you can do with your old paper shopping bags to engage your children’s imagination and keep them busy on the cold and windy nights prior to their evening of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. Read more…

  6. Green Living as a Part of an Overall Life Health Plan

    Posted on October 05, 2017 by Andrew

    For anyone who has ever approached the idea of green living as a way of life, you will have noticed that it often comes as part of a package deal. There is a reason that you want to live in better balance with the world around you. There are circumstances in your life that push you toward making positive decisions that reflect positively on your natural environment. Read more…

  7. Top Five Green Car Models

    Posted on October 02, 2017 by Andrew

    People care now more than ever how their driving is affecting the planet. This concern has lead many to research and purchase green cars that offer a smaller carbon footprint and lower fuel consumption than traditional car models. Car manufacturers are answering the call to make models more energy efficient and easy on the environment. Here are just a few of the best green cars on the market today. You can learn more about any of these models at Cars.com.

    Read more…

Tip of the Day

If It Doesn’t Smell, Don’t Wash It

According to Real Simple, if every American made an effort to launder less — cutting out just one load of laundry a week per household — we’d save enough water to fill seven million swimming pools each year.

So if it looks clean, and it smells clean, call it clean and wear it again. Consider hanging worn clothes out on your clothesline to freshen them up between wearings

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