Go Green: Invest On Solar Panels!!

Posted on August 09, 2015 by Andrew

The sun is the number one under-used renewable source of energy. It’s in the sky every morning when you wake up and it is a necessity for survival. More people are gearing towards being environmentally conscious and looking to make an active step towards making it better for our future children. But, with the technological advancements that are being made, why aren’t we taking advantage of this green energy? In this age of digital and electronic communications, we can use it to heat our homes, greenhouses, garages, schools, and provide electricity for our favorite electronics.


Most people today have a lot to worry about: families, future, savings, retirement, education, safety, and bills. However, heating your home should be the last thing you worry about. Many people still use wood, oil, electricity, and many other sources to try and keep their families warm. Solar energy panels are not only a green source of home heating, but they can save you a lot of money for your long-term goals. Let me explain.

What Do Solar Panels Do For Me?

With installing solar panels on your roof, you are saving yourself and your family a lot of money in terms of long-term goals. So here are the main reasons why solar panel energy can benefit you:

  • Cuts electricity bills:
  • In just a few short months, you will notice how much less you are paying to the hydro and fuel companies. With solar panels providing inexhaustible solar energy, the monthly hydro bills will go down and potentially reach zero, depending on your usage and proximity to the equator.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • With the amount of energy you produce, the amount of CO2 you put back into the air reduces drastically, which will make you feel better about yourself because of your contribution to saving our environment.
  • Create a surplus of energy and sell it back.
  • Some people produce more solar energy than what they can use in a given period, so the local power grid purchases excess energy from them and this could be you as well. Making money by making energy! This means money in your pocket for you and your future.
  • Can be used in remote areas like lake cabins and mountain retreats that have little access to the power grid and won’t produce further pollution for heat and power.



How Is It Helping The Environment?

By getting solar panels, you will have the potential to eventually disconnect from the power grid. This has a great positive impact on the environment worldwide. Here are a few of the major positive results that will occur because of one person’s choice to go solar:

  • Reduces pollution
  • Just by switching to solar power, the pollution from the old fuel sources is immediately saved. Whether it was the burning of coal, wood, oil, or the water used in generating electricity, the reduction of pollution has an immediate effect as you will no longer be needing these sources.
  • Eliminates the transportation of fuels, the destruction of land and water, and devastation of non-renewable resources
  • There would be a reduction in the ships and equipment that is used to produce and deliver the old fuels. This creates less damage to the sensitive ecosystems across the world and creates a positive domino effect within the oceans and forests across the globe.
  • Clean pure energy
  • There is no air pollution being generated after the panel is applied. The minimal energy expended in making the product is made up for in just a couple of years.
  • It can offset around 178 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in approximately 30 years.
  • This amount of CO2 is equal to just over 390,000 miles, be equal to burning enough coal to fill 17 school buses, planting enough trees to fill 10 football fields, or would be equivalent to almost 7 Olympic sized swimming pools full of water from hydro-electric dams.
  • It will help to combat global warming, greenhouse gasses and fossil fuel dependence.

With installing solar panels, they do have an initial cost that may be more than most can afford. But with all of the benefits that can help you, your children, and the environment, it’s more than worth the start up costs and help is close at hand. SUCO Guarantor Loans have the ability to take those who have bad credit, no credit, or low credit and give them a chance to change their lives. They are lenders, not brokers and are flexible with their offered solutions. You just need to be able to pay it off, and have a trustworthy friend or family member act as a guarantor. At that point, your loan is practically paid out in a day. If you are interested, and want to get the process started, click here to find out more.

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