Is Hydrogen fuel the future of motoring?

Posted on March 02, 2015 by Andrew


As you know, I like to keep my eye on the car market.

While we still drive a 4×4 which gives us a rather eco-UN friendly 25 miles to the gallon, I hold out hope that one day we’ll be able to purchase something that ticks all the sustainable boxes.

I’m still unsure about electric cars because they have such a short range. And living in a rural location where we do; without many recharging points; I’d worry about getting stranded.

A car that has grabbed my attention recently is the Toyota Mirai. I first came across this vehicle on LV’s blog “Most anticipated cars of 2015“.

Mirai is Japanese for ‘future’ which I think is rather fitting for this hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Toyota plans to build 700 of these cars for sale during 2015 making it the first hydrogen fuel cell car in mass production.

Astoundingly, Toyota began fuel cell development back in the early 90s and they’ve finally unveiled a vehicle which takes just 4 minutes to refuel and has a range of up to 300 miles on a full tank. That feels much more realistic; don’t you think?

Following Japan and the US, the UK is one of the first markets in the world where it will be sold – we’re due to see them in September and I can’t wait!

On the emissions front, the hydrogen fuel cell car works by harnessing power from the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, with the only emission being water; so the planet can certainly breathe more easily.

It’s quite a looker too. I mean, would you say no to this on your driveway?

toyota mirai hydrogen fuel cell car

What do you think – is hydrogen fuel the future of cars?

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