Why Wales is Perfect for a Lads’ Weekend

Posted on July 27, 2015 by Andrew

Wales is the land of the great outdoors. There is hardly any other places on earth that can match what you will find here, and even less experiences to be had elsewhere. It really is the perfect getaway for the lads, perhaps the best place raise our testosterone levels for a bit, given all physical activities that are available.

Cycling is first on the agenda, naturally, down different trails all over the place. The lads and I have been cycling for a while now, so we didn’t bother trying the less difficult courses, which ended up with one of us extra muddy and with a couple of bruises. Of course, we can just say we got into a fight with wildlife and came away almost unscathed. It sure sounds better than saying we wiped out on a biking course.


The rest of the weekend was very similar, with us trying out course after course of every outdoor sport available in the area, from rock climbing, to hiking, to rafting, to diving and so on. Being men, these activities were extra fun given our natural instinct of competition, so you can just assume that some of the guys were the butt of some very funny jokes. Thankfully, though, we’re all pretty good sports.

In between all the muddy mess we always seem to turn ourselves into, we visited pubs, bars and restaurants to give us both the energy and the confidence to do even more adrenaline pumping activities. The phrase “hold my beer” had become a staple during the weekend for obvious reasons. Not many of those phrases ended well.

We opted to camp out in tents, because there was no better way to appreciate the place. This is not the type of view you get to see in the big cities, and much of the natural beauty overwhelmed us into silence every so often, which is not an easy task. With cold beers in hand and tired legs outstretched onto the grass, we really began to appreciate the time we were able to spend with our mates, and the fact that we got to experience it here.


Before turning in, one of the lads had his nose stuck on his laptop, face all scrunched up and hand stroking his beard. He had a uk online casino website open and was fighting uphill. Red in the face and belly full of alcohol, I laughed in his face and told him I could do much better. The night ended up with both of us sporting severe migraines, though coming off with a decent win. I understand he’s still rather addicted to it, and I can’t really blame him.

The ride home was welcomed with open arms, though of course, with some sense of reluctance. It was a really good trip and we were tired, bruised and a little battered but very satisfied with how everything turned out. Wales was a great choice for our weekend out and about, and we were already planning the trip back during the drive.

Tip of the Day

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