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3 Luxury Eco Friendly Holidays You’ll Love

Posted on December 24, 2015 by Andrew


With all the talk of global warming these days it is nice to try and travel in a way that is eco-friendly and leaves as little of an impact on the environment as possible. You will be part of a small but growing group of travellers that are concerned about the effect that visitors to an area leave behind. There are many people throughout the world that share the same concern and they have worked very hard to make sure that their resorts offer sustainable options with as little impact on the environment as possible, following the endeavors of many big brands. So you can travel to luxurious places and be happy knowing that you are not leaving a substantial carbon footprint behind you. Make sure that you do your part by not leaving anything behind in these beautiful, natural places.


India offers several examples of accommodation that offer things lodging like tents or buildings made of local materials like mud, clay or reclaimed timber in a natural setting. They also incorporate environmentally friendly practices like grey water recycling, organic farming, hiring local people and educating them on recycling practices, and many other practices. It can really feel at one with nature, especially on a walking holiday in India. One such place is Coconut Lagoon in Kerala Backwaters, it can only be reached by boat and this beautiful resort in South India has five secluded garden cabins as well as an Ayurvedic spa. You can also stay on wildlife reserves and live in harmony with nature. If you travel north of Delhi to Rajasthan you can stay in a luxurious air-conditioned tent at Sher Bagh. The tents are styled after the glamour of the 1920’s and are a delight to visit.


Escape to Thailand for a wonderful eco vacation to the beach or the jungle and be assured that you are helping to preserve the fragile ecosystem. You can go on walking tours or kayaking tours and be assured that you are leaving as little impact on the environment as possible. You can learn about the insects and the wildlife or visit pristine beaches and know that there is a team of people making sure that these fragile places maintain their beauty. There are many beautiful villas and accommodations to stay in Phang Nga Province and you can go on jungle tours and kayak tours secure in the knowledge that the guides are working to preserve the ecosystem and leave as minimal an impact behind as possible.


Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with glorious flora and fauna, diverse landscapes from mountains to jungles to beaches and there are several options of people who are working hard to maintain the pristine beauty that exists. Saraii Village offers luxurious mud huts, and tree houses and they have been rated by Trip Advisor as one of the top ten in tree house experiences in the world. All of the accommodations are under the canopy of over 1000 trees and they are kept naturally cool. You can enjoy a luxury holiday in Sri Lanka and still be kind to the environment.

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