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How to improve your tomato crop in the greenhouse

Posted on May 18, 2018 by Andrew

When tomatoes are grown properly in a greenhouse, the crop is multiplied. But, the right techniques must be followed including using related resources like Pro-Tect Plastics for help with growth. Even with the best will in the world, sometimes our tomato plants can fail to deliver the results we’re looking for.

So, which techniques should you implement to ensure a bumper tomato crop? Compost Direct, retailers of compost bags and other garden essentials, tell us more:

Selecting the right variety

You’re probably aware of this, but there are many different varieties of tomato. If you’re disappointed with the growth of the tomatoes you’ve planted, it could be because you’re growing a field or garden tomato in a greenhouse. A friend of mine recently bought a few commercial greenhouse supplies & design tools to help him get the most out of his crops. Tomatoes can be really difficult to grow and harvest – so keep this in mind! These have different requirements to tomatoes that are suited to growing in greenhouses, so it could simply be a case that you’re not supplying them with the right level of sunlight or nutrients. Maybe a change in your greenhouse lights or manure could do the trick? You would never know unless you apply them into practise!

Are you encouraging air movement?

Avoid planting your tomatoes too close together – this can lead to problems. For example, grey mould, early blight and leaf spot are common, as well as dying or yellowing leaves. The cause of many of these foliar diseases is a lack of air movement, caused by a build-up of humidity.

Instead, make sure your tomatoes are spaced out. You may not be able to fit as many plants into the space, but ultimately the plants you do grow will grow stronger and be more fruitful, providing you with a greater overall yield. Fewer plants also means reduced maintenance, which will be useful if you’re splitting your time across multiple vegetables.

Have you tried plant rotation?

It’s important to rotate your plants after each growing season. If you haven’t changed the location of your tomatoes from the previous year, they could be suffering from a lack of nutrients. Different plants need more or less nutrients than others, so rotating reduces the chances of soil deficiencies.

Why not try using grow bags in your greenhouse? These can deliver the nutrients your tomatoes require.

Now you know what to do – follow our handy tips to ensure a superb tomato crop this season.

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