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SEAI Grants for Solar Panels in Ireland

Posted on March 16, 2022 by Andrew

In Ireland the SEAI , the Sustainable Energy Authority Of Ireland has been tasked with managing the Irish Governments solar panel grant scheme which is meant to stimulate the market.

In February of last year the Irish Government ran a consultation to see what would replace the grant scheme and a new Microgeneration support Scheme (MSS) will be introduced.

That was over a year ago and we now know a considerable amount about this new Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) scheme but still await a formal date for its introduction.

What we do know is that the pilot PV grant scheme is set to continue with new eligibility criteria as of February 16th 2022.


So what are the new eligibility criteria ?To qualify for the grant…

  • your home must have been built and occupied before January 1st 2021;
  • This must be your first grant application for PV Solar installation on your home.

Previous criteria including having a minimum C BER rating and ensuring your home was built before 2011 have been reconsidered and amended.

We also know that the grants available from the SEAI of up to €3,000 has reduced by €600 to a maximum of up to €2,400 as of February 16th 2022. Essentially, the €600 battery storage grant has been removed.

For a government grant the  grant application process is surprisingly quick and easy, comprising of only  4 questions.

It is important to state that securing the grant does not obligate you to install solar panels in any way. In fact, you will have up to 8 months to make a decision after securing the grant.

What is covered in the solar panels Ireland grant?

  • The maximum grant available is €2,400 for your PV system;
  • You can get €900 per kW installed up the a maximum of 2kW. So the limit here is €1,800;
  • You can get €300 per kW installed for the next 2kW if a battery is also installed, so the limit here is €600;
  • Take SolarShare’s Free Solar Survey to find out how much a solar panel system on your home can generate.

Example PV installation & Costs

Costs depend on many factors such as how many and what type of panels you install, do you get a battery and if so what size. To give you an idea of costs we have outlined 3 sample packages below. Costs include the grant

  • For a home with limited roof space or below average energy usage – we have a package that costs €3,990. This 6 panel system includes an inverter and will generate 2.3kWp
  • For a home with above average energy needs – we have a package that costs €7,990. This 12 panel system will generate 4.6kWp & has an inverter as well as a 5kWh battery
  • If you are looking to charge your car, power a heat pump and get to zero-carbon living – we have a package that costs €12,490. This top of the range 18 panel system has a 10kWh battery, inverter and will generate 6.8kWp
  • These prices give you an indication of what is possible. Once you take the SolarSurvey we will be able to configure a package that is tailored to your priorities and budget

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