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Top Five Green Car Models

Posted on October 02, 2017 by Andrew

People care now more than ever how their driving is affecting the planet. This concern has lead many to research and purchase green cars that offer a smaller carbon footprint and lower fuel consumption than traditional car models. Car manufacturers are answering the call to make models more energy efficient and easy on the environment. Here are just a few of the best green cars on the market today. You can learn more about any of these models at Cars.com.

The newly released Tesla Model 3 is among the very best when it comes to green cars. Charging stations for this electric vehicle are also popping up at gas stations all over making them a viable options in terms of car purchasing. The car boasts a driving range of more than 200 miles on a single charge and even features an autopilot option.

The Chevrolet Bolt is an unassuming recipient of tons of accolades in the world of green cars. The Bolt is small in stature but big on environmentalism offering a driving range of more than 190 miles on a single charge. The car is also affordable, something that hasn’t always been the case when it comes to cars classified as green.

The BMW i3 is another great green car released this year. The car features a single-charge driving range of more than 80 miles. That distance can be further increased if buyers opt for the on board generator which can increase distance by another 60 miles or more.

If you happen to live in California, perhaps you’d like to check out the Toyota Mirai. The car isn’t powered by electricity, like the other models noted above. Instead, the Mirai is powered by hydrogen, one of the most abundant elements on the planet so in no short supply, and is an ever-popular commodity on the stock market, with people looking up the long-term price targets of hydrogen companies like Nel Asa (Nel Asa Kursziel langfristig), because of its potential for powering the future. The problem is, liquified hydrogen, necessary to operate the Mirai, is hard to come by outside of California. So, this model might just be a little ahead of its time for most car buyers. Once the fueling technology does catch up with this car, drivers will enjoy more than 65 miles per gallon and available driving distance of more than 300 miles.


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