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What To Do With Your Old mobile phone When You Buy New

Posted on July 03, 2018 by Andrew

Many times when you buy a new mobile phone, you will have all of your information that is stored on the old one transferred over to the new device. Once this has been done, what do you do with the old mobile phone? A lot of times, the vendor you are contracting with will trade in the old phone and give you a credit towards the purchase of a new mobile phone. This is good, but, you may not be getting the best deal this way. There are many other options you should look at before trading it in with your service provider. One great way to find out what your choices are is to search the internet under trading in or selling you old mobile phone devices. There are many websites available that can give you information on what to do and where to go to find out more. Apple company also will give you any information on their phones.

Certain mobile phones are more popular than others and therefore, will get you a better return if you sell it or trade it in. Apple and Samsung phones are two of the top brands on the market today. Apple will also give you a pretty fair trade in value for your old phone. What type of phone you have will also increase or decrease the value of it. The more bells and whistle on the phone, the better resale or trade in value. Simple, basic phones will not bring much on the secondary market, so, trading it in towards a new phone purchase with your provider is probably your best move.

You could try to sell your item on a site such as Ebay for instance, but, you may wait a while before you are able to collect any money on it and it may not sell depending on the competition on that site. Private sales have much quicker payoffs and you would have cash in your hand right away. You could list it in your local newspaper or on Craigslist. This could bring a very good response and you could use the cash you receive to pay off your new phone. The prices you will get when selling privately are often much higher than selling to a service provider.

There are also kiosks located in many malls around the country where you can enter your phone information and trade it in there for cash. These machines have automatic pricing set for each type of phone, such as an Apple phone, and you will not be able to bargain to get a better price. They will also require you to give your driver’s license number for identification purposes before they will give you any cash. This is a security measure they have installed to prevent fraudulent trades. The prices at these kiosks are very low and if you don’t need to have immediate money in your hand, this may not be the way to go.

Selling your old mobile phones and other electronic devices can also be done at various pawn shops or online at https://www.backflip.com/sell/iPhone?model=iPhone%207 depending on what needs to be sold. They may be able to take any of them off your hands and will pay you cash on the spot. They will examine the devices and check to make sure they are working before they close the deal. You could potentially earn quite a bit of money this way if you have several items you want to get rid of. They will purchase computers, laptops, tablets and other electronics. It is worth making a trip to one of them to see what you could get for all of your old devices.

Be smart when trading in or selling your old phone and do plenty of research before completing any deal. You will find there are many options available and you should look at all of them. Don’t just throw away your old device when it could earn you some cash.

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