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Who Are The Greenists?

TheGreenists-picstay-cover-thumbnail1Allie lives in Rochester, NY with her husband, two German Shepherds and a three-legged cat.  When she’s not picking pet hair off her clothes, she loves to garden, hike, bike, camp, and write fiction.  Her first book, STAY (Dutton) debuts on June 10, 2010.  She also blogs at allielarkin.blogspot.com.  Allie can hang four spoons on her face at the same time, which makes her a fun, or embarrassing dinner date, depending on your perspective. Follow her on Twitter @AlliesAnswers


Courtney is a writer/editor who appreciates any effort, no matter how small, to respect our planet. She writes for The Greenists because she believes green living should be the norm, not anything special or different. In this site, she aims to educate readers in a moderate, accessible and non-partisan way about the things we can do to lessen our footprints, keeping abreast of current events of which eco-friendly people should be aware. Courtney’s hobbies include dancing, pilates, hiking, reading, and the Irish jig. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dianne has been interested in food and cooking all of her life.  Her earliest memories were in the kitchen with her Mom.  When Dianne and her younger sister got a little older they even cooked lunch on Sunday afternoons.  It was a simple meal, macaroni and cheese from a box, with cut up hot dogs mixed in, along with green peas, but it was the beginning of her culinary explorations.  She’s come a long way from boxed mac and cheese, but she still loves the process of cooking and baking to this day.  Dianne has a degree in Environmental Management and has really began to worry about the state of our planet, especially since her daughter was born in 2003.  Most days you’ll find her in the kitchen with Alexis (who loves to cook too), mixing up mostly “green” dishes focusing on whole, mostly organic and often local ingredients and then blogging about what she’s created at Dianne’s Dishes.  Dianne lives in Maryland with her husband Jamison, her daughter Alexis, two hermit crabs and three fish.

Howling Hill will soon move to her home state of Massachusetts where she will become an urban Greenist. Though reluctant to leave rural New Hampshire, she will bring with her many things she learned in the Granite State: chicken raising, planting organic gardens, CSA consumption, canning, knitting, and how to spot GMOs in her food. She lives with her husband Wolf and two cats.

Jody is a licensed architect and LEED AP by day, and a dreamer of bright green futures by night.  Her hobbies include knitting and crocheting, ‘barefoot’ running, and walking with her husband and many dogs.  She is an aspiring minimalist fighting an addiction of clutter and is a firm believer that laughing is contagious.

Melissa is a Nationally Certified Elementary School Counselor who resides outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband, son, and Labrador retriever. When she is not teaching and counseling little ones, she can be found working in her gardens or chasing her toddler around the city parks. Please enjoy Melissa’s posts regarding green parenting, a topic in which she is both knowledgeable and passionate about.




A habitual (and deeply ashamed) rule-follower in real life, Mickey prefers to inhabit the persona of a swashbuckling outdoorsman and rogue thinker when representing himself in print. He has spent time park-rangering in Wyoming and likes to undertake ridiculous adventures in the mountains, where he attempts to recover some of the sanity sacrificed in day-to-day living. Now residing in Atlanta, he laments the summer heat and the fact that his apartment only has windows on one side. Oh, the tyranny of the air conditioner!

The Modern Gal loves to dish on all the things important to a renaissance woman in today’s world: fashion, sports, finance, pop culture, health, love and more. It can be tough balancing all of those interests, but it’s easy being green — and the MG is out to prove it! Deep down, the MG is a bit of a homebody, which is why she’s so excited to share her thoughts with you here at The Greenists about being green at home. For more, check her out at The Modern Gal or on Twitter @themoderngal.

NPW is currently a middle school library media specialist in a Boston suburb. While she does not consider herself an expert on the environment by any means, she is in the unique position of seeing how this generation of kids is responding to the campaign for more eco-friendly homes and schools. In turn, she is able to respond to that increasing need by working with students and teachers to come up with ways schools can increase energy efficiency, both through technology and sheer determination. She’s hoping that her foray into writing about eco-friendly issues will help others see the importance of getting kids invested in their own futures. Her hobbies include reading (obvi!), writing, biking, cooking, video games, exploring new social media sites, and shiny gadgets. For more of NPW, check her out atnancypearlwannabe.com/blog, or follow her on Twitter, @NPW.

Stefanie is a technical writer and editor by day, Internet addict, serial dater, and borderline wino by night. Although she would never fancy herself a full-fledged expert on environmentally friendly living, she has long thought it simply good common sense to make more responsible choices, however large or small, whenever possible. As The Greenists’ contributor on green cleaning products, she looks forward to learning and experimenting along with the rest of you. When she’s not writing things riveting for work and trivial for fun,Stefanie enjoys yoga, books, knitting, and board games. (She is a formidable Boggle contender, if she does say so herself.) She often has no idea what she’s doing, but rarely lets that stop her from doing it. She lives in Minneapolis and blogs semi-regularly at Stefanie Says.

Outspoken and perpetually barefoot, TMC blogs at Return to Rural about time flying, cultural ills, the evil that is the suburban lawn, and her pursuit of a simple life. She shares a little cottage in the Great Plains with her husband and a delightful clan of local deities and rescued pets that keep her on her toes.

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According to Real Simple, if every American made an effort to launder less — cutting out just one load of laundry a week per household — we’d save enough water to fill seven million swimming pools each year.

So if it looks clean, and it smells clean, call it clean and wear it again. Consider hanging worn clothes out on your clothesline to freshen them up between wearings

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