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4 Reasons to Use Printed Paper Bags vs. Printed Plastic Bags

Posted on November 29, 2018 by Andrew

There are many forms of marketing these days, in fact online and digital marketing has become very popular. However, physical marketing is still used wide range bringing in just as much success for businesses. They need items like leaflets and business cards (click here for more) to help get their recognition. Some other businesses also like to use bags too! On this page, we will be talking about the use of bags in marketing. Single-use plastic bags used to be the preferred choice in retail outlets all across the world, but people have gained a higher appreciation for the paper bag in recent years. That’s mostly because of the move towards eco-friendly packaging, but there are other factors at work.

For example, printed paper bags hold many advantages over printed plastic bags, and here are just four reasons why.

  1. Better Canvas

The whole point of branding your shopping bags is to showcase your business. When people carry around a branded bag, they’ll essentially be advertising your business to anyone who looks their way. Paper bags are perfect because they provide such eye-popping visuals. Paper is a more attractive material, and it tends to take bolder colours and more interesting designs. That should be music to the ears of anyway who appreciates the value of branded products.

  1. Minimal Wrinkling

Plastic bags might not take printing quite as well as paper ones, but they can still look good enough when laid out on your counter. Problem is, plastic bags tend to wrinkle up when you put anything in them. Your logo will be obscured, and any messages or names will be impossible to read. Paper bags work much like mini-billboards since they retain their shape regardless of how much you put in them.

  1. Longer Lasting

From an environmental point of view, one of the main problems with traditional plastic shopping bags is that you can only use them a couple of times before they start falling apart. That’s bad news for your marketing efforts as well as the environment. The sooner a customer throws a bag away, the sooner they’ll start forgetting your business. A printed paper shopping bag will last much longer than a plastic one, so customers will be exposed to your branding for months or even years to come.

  1. More Options

Finally, keep in mind how many other options are available with paper bags. You can choose from different finish options and handle types to further stand out. These additional options can be a great way to complement your chosen print.

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