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5 Ways the Automotive Industry is Going Green

Posted on March 09, 2016 by Andrew


If there is one thing that is apparent in today’s modern time, it would be the fact that more and more people, including business entities, are being more conscious about the impacts of their actions to the environment. Even the automotive industry, in recent years, has ventured into key technologies and radical moves in order to go green. The automotive industry has had to change up the way they impact the environment, as there are a lot more cars on the roads in today’s day and age. Motor trade companies will all need to be aware, as well as make sure they have cheap car trade insurance put in place, factoring that in with the impact on the environment, they can then see how much backing they will need with new regulations.

Lighter Body Work

One of the most popular trends in the automotive industry is the use of lighter body. This is an excellent way to be eco-friendly because it means that fewer raw materials are being used. More importantly, with lighter body, fuel consumption is also reduced. Larger cars can consume more fuel because it takes more effort for them to be ran by the engine. Richard, from DH Licence Check, believes that we’ll see this change in the commercial industry more in the coming years, “The commercial haulage industry is reliant on being able to move large quantities of goods on a tight schedule, by making commercial vehicles more fuel efficient and lighter, the industry not only will save money on running costs and be able to carry more goods under the 44 ton limit, but also be better for the environment”.

Utilizing Alternative Energy

One of the reasons why cars are destructive for the environment is because of their fuel consumption. The fuel that is being used to run cars can lead into significant carbon emissions, which, in turn, can contribute to the growing problem of environmental pollution. In this case, many of the car makers today demonstrate going green through the introduction of alternative energy sources. Hybrid cars or those that are powered by electricity are being introduced an expected to become even more popular in the future.

Rethinking Manufacturing Processes

Another way by which automobile manufacturers go green is through redesigning their manufacturing process. The focus is to make sure that new cars are manufactured in such a manner that lesser resources are used and no material is wasted. This would have involved investment in key technologies, which are expenses seen as necessary in order to remain competitive, and more importantly, to ensure abidance on their corporate and social responsibilities. Many of the newer cars available in the market are made from more sustainable materials as they are manufactured through green processes.

Using Solar Power

While solar panels are not necessarily used to power cars, as of now, they are commonly utilized in manufacturing plants and headquarters of those in the automotive industry. It is common to harness the power of the sun to provide automotive companies with an alternative source of energy. Many of them have invested in such technology in order to make sure that their businesses are operated in a manner that is green, which is reflective of the eco-friendly cars that they can supply in the market as well.

Emphasizing Strength and Timelessness

If the car lacks strength and style that can withstand many years of changing trends, the tendency is that motorists will often change from one model to another. With this, many automobile companies are emphasizing strength of their cars and creating timeless designs. This is in order to encourage users to maximize the functional life of their vehicles. Through not replacing cars often, waste can be minimized and this is one of the best ways by which environmental benefits can be achieved.

Tip of the Day

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