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Can Cbd Oil Help Diabetes? – According To Doctor Monika Wassermann

Posted on May 18, 2022 by Andrew

Complemented by consistent repeat sales of products such as the olio lusso cbd-infused gummies or oil tinctures retailed by suppliers such as JustCBD, there is growing evidence to suggest CBD oil for diabetes is not just effective in lowering glucose levels, but also protects against some of the more common effects associated with diabetes. Some studies have looked at whether CBD oil may help diabetes as well, although at the moment, it is not a regulated treatment for this condition. But exactly how can cbd oil help diabetes?

Research findings are mixed on whether CBD may have any beneficial effects on symptoms and complications of diabetes. That is, alongside the potential of CBD to help with symptoms of a neurological disease, researchers have begun studying CBD for diabetes. Numerous studies have shown CBD has the potential to ease, even reduce, symptoms of diabetes. Among the areas of research being conducted is if CBD can help treat and even reduce the risk of developing both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Doctor Monika Wassermann, Loxa Beauty lifestyle, fitness & health writer, notes that studies conducted in human and animal models suggest that CBD has therapeutic properties that could aid in treating diabetes. Benefits of CBD in treating health problems related to diabetes could include decreased inflammation and better control of blood glucose. While the treatments mentioned above are effective at relieving symptoms related to diabetes, CBD benefits aid the symptoms of conditions related to diabetes, such as hypertension and neuropathic pain.

CBD, available for sale through platforms like Olio Lusso, has healing properties that can aid the treatment of symptoms related to diabetes, like CBDs ability to control inflammation, weight gain, and skin disorders. That said, if you are considering buying CBD to help alleviate your pain or suffering, you can buy them from online dispensaries who supply products in different forms like edibles, capusles, topicals, etc.

However, before you decide on that, an expert advice will be helpful. You could consult a doctor who is specialized in medical marijuana. Wondering why? As each individual responds to medications differently, a healthcare professional like marijuana doctor brandon can help you find the right medication that can suit you.

Anyway, a study published in The Journal of American College of Cardiology suggests CBD could help with the management of diabetes due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties (2). According to Rory Batt, M.Sc., who studies the link between the endocannabinoid system, CBD, and type 2 diabetes, CBD can also aid the improvement of the pancreatic health in humans. Current studies, along with personal testimonies, indicate that CBD can alleviate as well as prevent diabetes, engaging the endocannabinoid system via cannabinoid receptors throughout the body and the brain.

In fact, some studies show cannabidiol (CBD) can help manage blood sugar, decrease stress and anxiety, and improve cardiovascular health, all important in diabetics. While CBD could potentially hold promise for controlling blood sugar levels, and could even help prevent diabetes, research is preliminary. For instance, a small study published in Diabetes Care in October 2016 from the UK looked at 62 individuals with type 2 diabetes and found CBD did not reduce blood sugar. In one study of inflammation caused by high blood sugar, scientists found CBD had a positive effect on measures of inflammation.

In their paper, the authors reported that THCV (but not CBD) dramatically improved glucose control. In a study, CBD did not improve blood glucose and lipid levels in type 2 diabetics, but the THC variant did. When combined with the THC-based compound, which is the main intoxicant in marijuana, CBD helped people with type 2 diabetes better control blood sugar levels, according to a 2016 study looking at fasting blood sugar levels. HDL cholesterol In a small 2016 study in the journal Diabetes Care, researchers found that CBD use had a negligible effect on HDL cholesterol levels (the good kind) and a handful of other markers, like insulin sensitivity and appetite, among people with type 2 diabetes.

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