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Finding the Most Suitable Broadband for Your Business

Posted on August 30, 2017 by Andrew

Regardless of the industry, you’re in or the size of your venture, broadband has become a critical part of modern day business. With the wide array of options out there not to mention the technical jargon and tricky acronyms, choosing the right broadband can be daunting. It’s crucial to get your head around several factors before selecting a particular package or provider.

Know Your Needs

When it comes to broadband, there’s no one-size-fits-all package. Start by considering exactly what you use your internet for. Determining whether your internet connection is the focal point of your business or whether it merely plays a supporting role will inform your decision-making process.

Do Some Research

Like most things in the tech world, broadband products can be complicated, but you can use the Internet and other sources to learn a thing or two about broadband and familiarize yourself with some of the common terms. Before making any commitment, brush up on your basics and try to understand some of the technical terms. Shop around and compare different quotes against the services and features provided on comparison sites like Broadband Choices. Virgin media has been a popular choices for business, but always worth checking if it right for your needs and see what others say about them in the reviews. You’re better placed to get a better deal if you’re well informed. It may take a bit of time and effort, but that could translate to significant savings.


As your business grows and broadband needs change, you want to be sure your provider can adapt to your ever changing business needs. A reliable broadband provider will also have specialists who can guide you in the right direction. Moreover, it’s important to have access to experts who will not only provide specialist recommendations but also keep you in the know about new technologies and opportunities.

Cost and Features

Once you’ve understood your specific needs, you can think about features and costs. Discussing features with a provider may be technical, but it helps if you can communicate how you envision your business running with an overview of your expected internal and external connectivity. The main types of features you require will largely depend on the kind of operation you run. Basic features will be adequate for a small business, but a large enterprise with several business locations and staff on the move will require more advanced and comprehensive features.


Your employees’ productivity will be highly impacted by software, hardware and internet connectivity. Faster speeds generally mean it’s easier to access work materials, hold video calls, sync data, upload files and so on. However, you need to look for more than just speed. Consider a business broadband package that includes services such as data management, recovery, email and backup. Cost is definitely a driving factor, but your business connection should be clear on the speeds you can expect. Also, businesses across the globe can see the impact the impact of the cloud. Therefore, it has become crucial to choose a connection that it is available to the cloud, which is why a fast, reliable and robust internet connection is essential.

Business Support and Management

One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing broadband is the level of business support and management you need. The level of service your business requires has a direct impact on factors such as cost. It’s always worth considering a dedicated support team to help you set up, maintain and consult on broadband issues. This is especially crucial if your business is based online. Downtime can have huge implications on earnings as well as employee productivity.


In this day and age, security is a top priority. Data breaches and hacking have become commonplace as is evidenced by more recent sophisticated threats such as ransomware. Online security is even more vital if you’re using a static IP or dealing with sensitive business data. For this reason, looking for business broadband that has advanced security features is a vital step to finding the perfect broadband solution.

Static IP Addresses and Web Space

Most home connections will have a dynamic IP address, which changes with each connection to the router. However, business broadband can provide a static IP, which will always stay the same. If you want to run one or more websites, run CCTV, host a VPN, with the help of places similar to Fortinet, or remotely access your desktop, then a static IP and web space are essential.

Technology is changing so rapidly so don’t think in the short term. The reliance on the internet for all sorts of business activity is ever increasing, so it’s important to invest in high-quality broadband.

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